Classic function meets modern design on our Evolve generation. Our popular CX cap is paired with our industry first tailgate formed rear door and OneMotion™ handle design to introduce the sleekest and most functional cap on the market.  

  • Frameless tailgate formed rear door with OneMotion handle
  • Aluminum framed half slider side windows
  • 12V LED dome light
  • Dark gray headliner


Take what you've learned and build toward the future.
This was our goal as we designed our CX Evolve, which touts
these industry firsts:
Frameless tailgate formed rear door (patent pending)
Optional ActiveTilt LED light activation
OneMotion intuitive rear door handle

The CX Evolve rear door is formed to specifically fit your truck. This complex glass design complements the angles and curves of your tailgate without the need for add-on parts, offering a superior look and feel.

Magnet technology allows for the ActiveTilt™feature to automatically turn on your interior LED lights as you open the rear door.

Our most innovative handle ever offers easy one-hand and OneMotion™ operation so you can get to your gear faster.


Finish: Painted to Match OTR (Spray-on Black)
Side Windows: Aluminum Framed Half Slider Aluminum Framed Half Slider with Pet Screen
Glass Windoor
Aluminum Paneled Windoor
Outdoorsman Vented Windoor
Aluminum Paneled Windoor with Folding T
Front Window: Aluminum Framed Picture Aluminum Framed Sliding
Aluminum Framed Tilt-Down Picture
Aluminum Framed Tilt-Down Sliding
Compression Boot
Rear Door: Frameless Tailgate Formed Frameless Tailgate Formed with Keyless Entry
Rear Door Handle: OneMotion  
Interior: Dark Gray Headliner  
Interior LED Lighting: 12V LED Dome Light 12V LED Dome Light with ActiveTilt
12V LED Dome Light with Center Rope Light
12V LED Dome Light with ActiveTilt and Center Rope Light
12V LED Dome Light and Dual Rope Lights
12V LED Dome Light with ActiveTilt and Dual Rope Lights
Clothes Rods:   Available
Cap Bottom Edge: Painted Trim or Trimless  
Toolboxes:   Available
Roof Racks:   Available



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