Swiss HDU Commercial Aluminum Truck Caps:

When it comes to getting the job done, nothing beats a custom-made Swiss HDU.  The Swiss Brand HDU commercial series cap is fully customizable.  Some of the standard features include: .030 guage smooth aluminum metal, fully welded cage construction, LED rear brakelight, and standard H-Rack.  Give us a call to price out your customized, affordable Swiss HDU today!  


2020 Swiss HDU Pricing Guide (**Not all options are included in this list)  Pricing includes installation

Swiss Retail Pricing:

23”- $1575.00

29”- $1675.00

36”- $1780.00

42”- $1880.00

48”- $1985.00

23-29” Wedge- $1825.00

23-36” Wedge- $1925.00

29-42” Wedge- $2150.00

36-48” Wedge- $2650.00


Standard: standard side access doors, H rack, colors (white, red, black, pewter, charcoal, dove)


Paint 23”- $425.00

Paint 29-36”- $475.00

Diamond: $400.00

Front Options:

Front Picture: $55.00

Front Rad. Pic: $100.00

Front Mit Slider: $90.00

Front Rad. Slider: $125.00

Front Mesh: $75.00


Rear Options:

Rear Pic. Radius: $75.00

Double Walk-in (no window): $250.00

Double Walk-in w.rad.: $375.00

Hatch Back (no window): $210.00

Hatch Back (w/window): $285.00


Side Options:

Full-Length 88” doors: $40.00/Side   Inner Door Skins: $65.00/Side   Double Side doors: $200.00/Side

Radius Side Windows: $65.00/each  Radius window/sliding w/screen: $80.00/each  Windoors: $160.00/each


Toolbox Options: add divider price to base toolbox price

69” TBox: $110.00/each

88” TBox: 135.00/each

#2Div: $70.00


#4Div: $135.00

#5Div: $155.00


#7Div: $195.00


#9Div: $135.00

#10Div: $135.00


Fold Down Shelf: $85.00

½ Fold Down: $85.00



Rack Options:

H Rack: Standard

No Rack: -$15.00

2 Extra Rack Crossbars: $45.00

2 Extra Uprights: $60.00

Wedge Rack: $45.00

Cab-Over Rack: $270.00

Cab-Over Rack/Wedge: $300.00

Commercial Locking Rack: $1290.00


Lighting/Rear Camera:

Back-up Camera/ Harness: $300.00

(Order w/ARE)

LED Strip Lights: $80.00/each

(Order w/ARE)

Batt. Dome: $35.00/Each

12V LED Dome: $40.00/each


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